I decided to go paddleboarding in Naples Bay since we were at the Naples Landings and it was worth it.  It was so beautiful to go down the river and see all the beautiful boats and see a new perspective of the businesses along the Gordon River.  I only went a short distance, but next time, we are definitely going to plan a longer time.  There are a lot of beautiful places to see along the Gordon River and I can not wait to share them with you.


Midnight couldn’t wait to come with me to enjoy the water.   You should definitely get non slip pads for them to stand on, especially if you are not in calm waters. Here is an example of one I recomend

One of our favorite things to do as a family is paddleboard.  This quick trip was just midnight and I.  Amber and Anabella stayed on shore and took some picures of us.

While we did not see any dolphins in Naples bay this trip, we have in the past.  We have even had them jumping close to us around sunset before.  So go explore your local water and get to see everything from a view you do not normally get to see.

So come along with us on this adventure and let us know what you like to do when it comes to adventures.

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