Clam Pass is one of our favorite places to paddle board. It is also a favorite place to go just to hang out, swim and fly the drone. You can either take a paddle board to the pass or you can take the tram through the mangroves to the beach and walk to the pass.

When we go to the pass, I love the tide is high. The water is super clear and you can usually catch manatees or dolphins in the pass. You will also see a lot of birds and fish. The fish love to hang out next to the mangroves. So this is a great place to fish.

You can also swim here or you can float down the pass with the current. You can find all kinds of shells here as well as a shark tooth, but you will have to be patient. Sometimes it takes time. Just make sure any shell you find that is alive, you put back. You only want to collect empty shells.

This is also a great spot to just sit back, relax and watch the sunset. You can get some very beautiful pictures here. Drone pictures are amazing here. There are so many things to see. From the beach to the mangroves to the hotel.

Let me know where your favorite place to paddle board is.

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