Naples Pier

I know there are a lot of places that have amazing sunsets, but in my opinion, Naples Florida has the best.

Lowdermilk Beach

You can use you phone and take pictures at the beach. Bring a chair and something to drink. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I love how relaxing and peaceful it is watching the sunset.

Lowdermilk Beach

Or, you can always buy a drone to take those amazing shots from the sky. You do not realize how beautiful everything looks from above. You can see all the shadows and reflections from the sunset. You can get some pretty amaing pictures with a drone.

Naples Fl and Gulf of Mexico
Outer Clam Bay and Gulf of Mexico
Picayune Strand State Forest

Where do you like to watch sunsets from? I would love to see a picture. Or if you are a sunrise fan, where do you watch the sunrise from?

Naples FL Beach

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