One of the worse things that can happen when you are paddle boarding and you are far from shore, is that you fall off and can not get back on. So, how do you get back on?

Do not panic and stay focused

I know this is hard to do, but the main thing is that you can not panic. I fell while paddle boarding through Gordon Pass and we were stuck in a strong current. The first thing I did was panic. It did not help me at all, just stressed me out and made it more difficult to get on the board. Take a deep breath and relax. And you will have no problem getting on the board.

From the side of the paddle board

Position yourself in the middle of the paddle board on the side. You are going to grab the handle with one hand. Now make sure that your legs are straight out behind you. Do not keep them under the board or straight down. This is important. You will not be able to push off the water correctly otherwise. Now while keeping your legs straight out behind you, kick the water and push yourself up on the board. At the same time, pull the paddle board under your ribs. Now keep the hand on the handle and grab the other side of the board. One more push with your legs and pull the paddle board all the way under you. Now just turn your body so that you are completely on the paddle board.

From the end of the paddle board

You are going to go to the end of the paddle board and grab either side of the board. Keeping your legs straight behind you, you are going to kick your legs while pulling the board under you. Keep doing this until you are completely on the board.

IMPORTANT: How to fall off the board

You always want to avoid falling on the paddle board. You want to land in the water and land flat. Doing a belly flop or back flop will help you land shallow so that you do not hit whatever is under you in the water. Hang on to your paddle if you feel yourself falling. You do not want to have to swim after your paddle and always wear a lease so your board does not get away from you.


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