We have a small dog beach in Bonita Springs and Midnight loves to go there. We love to paddle board to there. There are always dogs there for him to play with. He can run in the sand and water. We love giving him the freedom to run and play without being confined to a small dog park.

Bonita Springs Dog Beach is a strip of beach land on the outside edge of Lover’s Key State Park along the Fort Myers/Bonita Springs line. It’s an off leash beach to let your dog run free and frolic in the shallow, calm water of the Gulf of Mexico.

You can walk, paddle board, kayak or boat to the dog beach. Make sure you have some kind of water shoes. When the tide is high, you will be walking through water to get to the dog beach. Do not forget to bring water for your dog to drink.

Let me know where is your favorite place to take your dog.

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