• Hat
  • Long-sleeve Shirt
  • Waterproof Case For Phone


You should definitely wear a hat while paddle boarding. You can protect your face and neck from the sun and shield your eyes as well. It gets really hot and bright on the water and having a hat on helps. You need protection from the sun, so why not do it in style. Click here an a great straw sun hat. These are comfortable and do not make you hot.


I love wearing a long-sleeve shirt while paddle boarding. If you get one that is made for outside use in the sun, you will not get hot. I provides sun protection and if you get the shirt wet, it will keep you cool, especially when the wind blows. I love Pelagic and Columbia sun some shirts. Click here to see sun shirts.



If you want to take some pictures while you are paddle boarding, you need to either bring your phone, with a waterproof case or an underwater camera. If you go with the phone and waterproof case, make sure that you test the case before putting your phone inside. Click here for a waterproof case that we use on two of our phones. You can also get a waterproof camera, like the Go Pro Hero 7

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